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Vehicle Cloud Reader
No need to deal with parking passes, cards or garage clickers.
Mobile Keychain
Get to the rooftop deck, gym or pool using only your smartphone.
Keypad Cloud Reader
Vendors can access your property using a secure access code so no packages are sent back or get lost.

Smart Access Control
for the Smart Property Owner

Open doors, gates, garages, elevators and more with keyless mobile technology. Customize 
access schedule and instantly issue and revoke property access using CloudKeyz.

Common-Area Access
Make every common-area access point smart, keyless, connected and easy to manage from the Web with the state-of-the-art Cloud Controller.
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Guest Access
The ultimate 2-way video intercom system for guest and vendor access with passive marketing for your property.
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Access Control Software
Manage all of your property access with one login. Manage access tools, vehicle access, and see full access history.
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Cloud Camera
Instantly monitor activity or issue and revoke mobile key access to employees, tenants, guest, service vendors.
Card Reader Access
Smart reader access control system that is managed from the Web with ease. Smart reader technology provides hands-free bluetooth access.
Keyless Mobile App
One beautiful mobile app opens everything at your property — doors, gates, garages, elevators and any other access points.
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Vehicle Access
Make a gate or garage at your property open up automatically like magic when you drive up. No need to roll down the window in bad weather!

CloudKeyz for Everyone

Residents, vendors and visitors can securely access your property using
CloudKeyz Keyless Technology.

Residents conveniently pass through any
common-area access point using their mobile phones or keycards.
Visitors can be issued a secure one-time or periodic access. Visitors can reach residents via video intercom.
Never miss another package delivery! Issue unique access codes for delivery services and trusted vendors.

Cloud Screen

Cloud Screen is a complete reinvention of the old call-box intercom systems.
We've fixed all the problems with communication and security while vastly improving
the user experience by integrating new ground-breaking technologies.

Luxury Video Intercom
Cloud Screen offers guests, tenants and property management advanced communication options like you've never seen before. Vibrant high-definition video provides users with a convenient and blissful experience.

CloudKeyz Mobile App

The CloudKeyz Mobile App will open every access point at your property, from the front gate to the garage, moving up the elevator and even into your private unit (office or residential). Convenience you’ve never experienced.

One App Opens Everything
Management can issue mobile access to residents and employees as well as vendors and guests to access common area access points without needing to issue physical keys, gate clickers or garage door openers. Residents without smartphones can gain access by using CloudKeyz keyfobs and access cards.

Cloud Controller

Cloud Controller enhances your existing access points making them smart and fully managed from the access management software. Cloud Controller can be connected to any existing infrastructure in 30 minutes or less, making the installation process extremely easy and fast.

WiFi, Ethernet & Cellular
CloudKeyz is engineered to work with every connection type available automatically selecting the one that is best, in real time. You can even add an additional cellular backup layer that can be used in case the primary connection is interrupted.

Access Control Software

Access Control Software provides full control over all CloudKeyz hardware and software. Property managers can instantly issue and revoke access tools (mobile, keycard, vehicle, access codes), update property names directory, view complete access history, and securely communicate with residents and employees.

Full Access Control
Instantly issue and revoke mobile access, keycards and vehicle access for residents, employees, guests, delivery services and vendors. Create access groups to grant access to locations with extra security clearance like leasing office or electric closets.

How It Works?

How It Works?

Why People Love

CloudKeyz provides a complete, street-to-suite
solution to control every access point for
commercial or residential property in one system.

Easy to Install

CloudKeyz is specifically designed for a quick & easy installation in 30 minutes and work with any access point.

Complete Control

Get a complete history of all access events and manage keyless access to your property from the cloud.

Highly Customizable

Custom settings for each access point, hold open function, specific working hours and custom branding.

Enhanced Security

Make your residents feel more secure knowing they can visually see who is requesting access to the property.