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About Us

CloudKeyz is a Hardware and Software development company that was born to fix the problem of accessing “community” doors, gates and garages.We offer a revolutionary keylessentry solution designed to meet the needs of Consumers, Commercial Real Estate Management, Corporate Delivery Service Providers and First Responders. We specifically engineered our Hardware, Cloud and Mobile Application to be safer, smarter, simple and convenient for all.

Have you ever felt the frustration of trying to access a Gated Community or Apartment Building? If the answer is yes, chances are you where faced with using some version of a “Property Names Directory.”  You know, its the shiny metal box at the front door or gate with an old-school telephone key pad and a green screen that never works. They’re definitely not very user friendly, right? This old world technology has created a host of problems for tenants, guest, management, corporate delivery service and first responders who wish to grant (or) access property. We at Cloudkeyz got to thinking…There’s got to be a better way?
Our first goal was to replace the old clunky analog systems with something universal to all commercial property types, easy to install, cheap to maintain and would update tenant information in real-time. Next, we wanted to dissolve the users anxiety when using our revolutionary hardware, so we developed a light color protocol that works in unison the human experience with every touch of our mobile application. Users of the CloudKeyz feel comfortable because they can identify that our hardware is working with every command.
Finally, our mobile solution was engineered around speed, security and convenience for all. For property “TENANTS” we wanted to end the practice of needing to carry psychical keys, garage door openers, fobs or access cards to get around property. We’ve accomplished this by putting all these physical items in the cloud and at the command of users via our free mobile application. Next, we put the “Property Names Directory” in the cloud so “GUEST” use our free mobile application to quickly smart search, communicate with their party and gain access more effectively. In addition to all of this, CloudKeyz offers many other exciting proprietary functions and features such as; Fast Pass, Keyless Lock Management and Guest Request.




Our Services

We offer solutions to the following business verticals;


Mobile App

Property Tenants
Property Guest
Timed Keys
Guest Request
Send Keys



Property Management
Apartment Buildings
College Dorms
Gated Communities


Fast Pass

Delivery Service
Postal Service
Food Delivery
Emergency Responders


Cloud Lock

Door Bell

Touch Screen

Our Vision

CloudKeyz vision is to become the “Brand of Choice” for “Commercial Keyless Entry” within the INTERNET of THINGS. Our focus is pioneering secure entry of “community access points” such as commercial doors, gates and garages. We will start with College Dorms, Apartment Buildings and Gated Communities. We will evolve, adapt and charter new business verticals whenever opportunity presents itself. We will continually push the envelope of innovation seeking simplicity and convenience through development of new and intuitive technology.

The safety and security of CloudKeyz customers is priority number one. We pride our products, service and business reputation on upholding the highest security encryption standards that our industry experts and cutting edge technology can provide.

Cloud Security

Every piece of hardware we develop at CloudKeyz starts with a purpose and ends with a beautiful solution. We seek to develop quality products that are intuitive to human interaction, comfortable to use and down right cool.

Intuitive Hardware

Why be complicated when it doesn't have to be. We keep design simple so you can enjoy the way it looks and feels!

Mobile Simplicity

When you are using a CloudKeyz product or service, we want to me you to stop and smile. That way you know we care.

Charming Designs

We never stop thinking about how we can improve your life. Our think-tank if industry professional keeps the coffee brewing and the lights on 24 hrs a day. We’re always working on new product to bring to market that will wow you.

Robust R&D Pipeline

The focus at CloudKeyz is to improve the electronic products around you. We what you more connected, comfortable and conscious of how our technology can improve your life.

IOT Focus

Press Release

CloudKeyz Brings Technology Evolution To Commercial Keyless Entry

Los Angeles, April 24, 2015:
CloudKeyz ( a cutting edge new Hardware and Software startup is ready to debut their technology for the world May 6th in Las Vegas at the renowned “Collision” conference Don’t miss your opportunity to come experience in person what investors and tech enthusiasts are buzzing about! Cloudkeyz represents a revolutionary turning point in how secure access entry is managed and controlled at Apartment Buildings, College Dorms and Gated Communities. “Our focus is on offering a superior solution to access “Community Common-Area" doors, gates and garages” says Founder and CEO Shane Robinson...Read More

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CloudKeyz currently seeking strategic accredited investors with a specific appetite for the IOT